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Written By (Executive Director - Relocation Director, NYS Licensed Real Esta). Created on 05/28/2015.


A career in real estate is most often a very fulfilling and rewarding choice, with built-in growth opportunity and more flexibility than many professions.  Like most sales related careers, earning potential is only limited by how much time and effort you are willing to invest.  Gone are the days when real estate was solely relegated to those looking for a second career, or something suburban moms did part-time to fill the hours when their kids were in school.  These days, Realtors are just as likely to come into the profession straight out of college or from any number of widely varied backgrounds and experiences.

When considering whether a career in real estate is for you, factors to assess should include: how much time you can invest, what your motivation is, what your earning needs are, and whether you are a self-starter and an effective communicator?  Having the desire to be of service to others is essential to true success here.  There are many skills, habits and techniques that can be learned, but starting out with the right attitude, goals and motivation are the best foundation.

To become a licensed real estate professional in NY State requires a minimum of 75 hours of training in an approved real estate salespersons course, with successful completion of any course-required exams and the NYS Real Estate Salesperson exam.  If you are considering obtaining your license, contact us for suggestions on local real estate schools offering quality training classes, as well as classes to upgrade your skills.

If you are currently licensed and considering a change, our unique consortium of companies should be on your radar for the competitive advantages and unique set of tools and resources we can offer.  As a group of independently owned firms, the decision-making process is kept local, no bureaucracy or red tape, allowing us to be very fluid as circumstances prescribe.  The consortium allows all member firms to compete at an even higher level, providing access to more tools, training and resources, as well as a “think tank” of shared knowledge, experience and ideas amongst some of the top brokerages in the area. 

We would welcome the chance to be considered in your decision-making process.   Please contact Gail Fattizzi, 914-961-5510 / [email protected], or any of the member brokers for a confidential conversation or meeting.

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