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Bedford, Katonah, and Bedford Hills

The Town of Bedford is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Northern Westchester County. The 39-square mile town is comprised of three hamlets: Bedford Village, Bedford Hills, and Katonah. Each of the hamlets is rich in history and has its own distinct character.

Bedford Village has a traditional New England village green, with traces of its history evident in some of the buildings including an old schoolhouse and the 1787 Court House which have received national historic designations. It has long been known for its elegant estates and gracious country living.

Bedford Hills and Katonah both have Metro North stations for commuters, surrounded by vibrant business districts with appealing shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants. Commute time is approximately one hour to mid-town Manhattan.

Housing in the 3 hamlets runs the gamut and blurs the borders, from beautiful Victorian charm in Katonah, to historic Colonials and grand estates in Bedford Village, to expansive horse farms and more contemporary homes in Bedford Hills.

The Town of Bedford offers a considerable array of recreational programs, and the Bedford Riding Lanes Association maintains an extensive network of riding trails throughout the area. Katonah is home to several cultural centers, among them, Caramoor Center for Music and Arts, the John Jay Homestead, and the Katonah Museum of Art, as well as the Muscoot Reservoir.

There are 102 homes in BEDFORD and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Bedford, Village of Bedford Hills, Village of Katonah, Village of Bedford Corners, Village of Pound Ridge, Village of Armonk, Village of Mount Kisco
Average Price: $2,026,759 (399,000-12,000,000)
Beds Per House: 4.28

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