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Fleetwood and Mount Vernon

The City of Mount Vernon is located in the southern portion of Westchester County only 15 miles from mid-town Manhattan. It offers a wide variety of housing options for its very cosmopolitan population of almost 70,000 residents and 98 different nationalities. Single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, co-operatives, and even many rentals are main attractions for the commuter’s dream that is Mount Vernon.

Serviced by three Metro North train stations in only 4 square miles, almost all residents are able to walk to the train and to Bee-Line bus stops on virtually every corner. The commute to Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City is only 27 minutes.

Most of Mount Vernon’s homes are pre-war in traditional 1920’s style, with architectural details that are very unique to the area. They feature all the charm of yesteryear without the “big city” prices or higher taxes of some other communities.
The city’s Fleetwood neighborhood has been popular since the 1920’s with commuters and those seeking walk-able convenience.  Co-op apartments and single-family homes all enjoy easy access to the Fleetwood Metro North station and the mix of shops, businesses and restaurants along Gramatan Avenue.

The Department of Recreation provides year-round activities such as basketball, baseball, tennis, football, track and golf to name just a few. Retail development is on the rise, including big-box stores and specialty shops, along with eateries representing the wide-ranging tastes of the city’s multitude of nationalities.

Tree-lined and vibrant, Mount Vernon is a wonderful place to call home.

There are 61 homes in FLEETWOOD and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00am 64°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00am 71°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00pm 71°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00pm 72°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00pm 76°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00am 71°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00am 73°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00am 72°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00am 73°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00pm 75°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00pm 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00am 73°
Tue, Jul 24th 9:00am 73°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00pm 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00pm 75°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00pm 76°
Tue, Jul 24th 9:00pm 78°
Wed, Jul 25th 12:00am 75°
Wed, Jul 25th 3:00am 74°
Wed, Jul 25th 6:00am 73°
Wed, Jul 25th 9:00am 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 12:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 3:00pm 73°
Wed, Jul 25th 6:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 9:00pm 75°
Thu, Jul 26th 12:00am 74°
Thu, Jul 26th 3:00am 74°
Thu, Jul 26th 6:00am 73°
Thu, Jul 26th 9:00am 71°
Thu, Jul 26th 12:00pm 73°
Thu, Jul 26th 3:00pm 76°
Thu, Jul 26th 6:00pm 78°
Thu, Jul 26th 9:00pm 78°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Pelham, Village of Bronx, Village of Bronxville, Village of New Rochelle, Village of Yonkers, Village of call Listing Agent, Village of Eastchester, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson
Average Price: $1,727,339 (225,000-9,950,000)
Beds Per House: 4.57

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