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Harrison and Purchase

Harrison, located about 23 miles from New York City, is also the location of Purchase, one of the finest residential sections in the county. Purchase, the historic estate area of Harrison, extends into the manicured corporate parks known as "The Platinum Mile." In addition to Metro-North, the Bee-Line bus system operates daily. Shuttle bus service is available to all the major area airports and is available at the Rye Town Hilton.  The New England Thruway, Hutchinson River Parkway and Cross Westchester Expressway are easily accessible.

Residents may use eight town parks, including community centers, three outdoor pools and several playgrounds. The beaches of Rye are minutes away and Harrison and Rye are home to five well-known country clubs.

Manhattanville College and SUNY Purchase are both located here, along with the headquarters for both PepsiCo and MasterCard.  SUNY Purchase’s 500-acre campus houses two cultural treasures: the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Purchase Performing Arts Center.  PepsiCo’s grounds feature the well-known Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Garden, a tranquil respite bringing thousands of visitors annually to view its works of art and stroll its beautifully landscaped grounds.

There are 91 homes in HARRISON and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Sat, Feb 24th 3:00pm 49°
Sat, Feb 24th 6:00pm 49°
Sat, Feb 24th 9:00pm 51°
Sun, Feb 25th 12:00am 47°
Sun, Feb 25th 3:00am 46°
Sun, Feb 25th 6:00am 44°
Sun, Feb 25th 9:00am 42°
Sun, Feb 25th 12:00pm 42°
Sun, Feb 25th 3:00pm 43°
Sun, Feb 25th 6:00pm 47°
Sun, Feb 25th 9:00pm 50°
Mon, Feb 26th 12:00am 50°
Mon, Feb 26th 3:00am 48°
Mon, Feb 26th 6:00am 50°
Mon, Feb 26th 9:00am 47°
Mon, Feb 26th 12:00pm 42°
Mon, Feb 26th 3:00pm 43°
Mon, Feb 26th 6:00pm 46°
Mon, Feb 26th 9:00pm 48°
Tue, Feb 27th 12:00am 43°
Tue, Feb 27th 3:00am 39°
Tue, Feb 27th 6:00am 37°
Tue, Feb 27th 9:00am 36°
Tue, Feb 27th 12:00pm 34°
Tue, Feb 27th 3:00pm 42°
Tue, Feb 27th 6:00pm 47°
Tue, Feb 27th 9:00pm 48°
Wed, Feb 28th 12:00am 43°
Wed, Feb 28th 3:00am 41°
Wed, Feb 28th 6:00am 39°
Wed, Feb 28th 9:00am 38°
Wed, Feb 28th 12:00pm 36°
Wed, Feb 28th 3:00pm 44°
Wed, Feb 28th 6:00pm 51°
Wed, Feb 28th 9:00pm 53°
Thu, Mar 1st 12:00am 47°
Thu, Mar 1st 3:00am 43°
Thu, Mar 1st 6:00am 41°
Thu, Mar 1st 9:00am 41°
Thu, Mar 1st 12:00pm 40°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Harrison, Village of Mamaroneck, Village of Rye, Village of Rye Brook, Village of White Plains, Village of Larchmont
Average Price: $2,490,442 (490,000-8,200,000)
Beds Per House: 4.93

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