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Mamaroneck and Larchmont

History tells us that John Richbell purchased this area of “3 necks of land”, which the Indians translated into Mamaroneck.  The town of Mamaroneck is comprised of three communities: the village of Larchmont, and the town and village of Mamaroneck. All are set on the picturesque shores of Long Island Sound and, not surprisingly, attract outdoor and water enthusiasts as both residents and visitors.

Six-acre Manor Park in Larchmont is the quintessential waterfront respite with its often-photographed gazebo, quiet strolling paths and tranquil view of sailboats bobbing offshore.  The more bustling harbor in Mamaroneck village, with mooring and docking for 400 boats plus a fishing pier and swimming beach, fronts a vibrant downtown. New condominium developments in the village have spurred the opening of a wide array of restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries.  The Emelin Theater, one of the best performing arts centers in the region, hosts a variety of concerts and performances for children and adults.

Mamaroneck has a long tradition of boat building and sailing, giving rise to numerous marinas, as well as yacht, beach, tennis and golf clubs that surround the area.  The famed Winged Foot Golf Club in the town of Mamaroneck has been the site of U.S. Open Golf Tournaments and other professional play.

The diversity of architectural styles in Mamaroneck adds to its charm.  Its streets are dotted with Victorians, Georgians, and Gothic Revivals, along with the more familiar colonials, Tudors and contemporaries.  Apartment dwelling is available in the form of cooperative units and rentals, which can be found mainly within walking distance of the train stations.  Metro-North train service is available from both Larchmont and Mamaroneck, and the trip into the city is a 35-minute commute.  Bee-Line bus service handily transports residents throughout the county and major interstate highways are easily accessible.

There are 69 homes in MAMARONECK and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00am 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00pm 73°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00pm 73°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00pm 76°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00pm 76°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00am 71°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00am 73°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00am 72°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00am 73°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00pm 75°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00pm 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00am 73°
Tue, Jul 24th 9:00am 73°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00pm 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00pm 75°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00pm 76°
Tue, Jul 24th 9:00pm 78°
Wed, Jul 25th 12:00am 75°
Wed, Jul 25th 3:00am 74°
Wed, Jul 25th 6:00am 73°
Wed, Jul 25th 9:00am 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 12:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 3:00pm 73°
Wed, Jul 25th 6:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 25th 9:00pm 75°
Thu, Jul 26th 12:00am 74°
Thu, Jul 26th 3:00am 74°
Thu, Jul 26th 6:00am 73°
Thu, Jul 26th 9:00am 71°
Thu, Jul 26th 12:00pm 73°
Thu, Jul 26th 3:00pm 76°
Thu, Jul 26th 6:00pm 78°
Thu, Jul 26th 9:00pm 78°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Mamaroneck, Village of Larchmont, Village of Rye, Village of Scarsdale, Village of Harrison, Village of New Rochelle, Village of Rye Brook, Village of New City, Village of Eastchester, Village of Bronxville
Average Price: $2,403,903 (385,000-8,950,000)
Beds Per House: 5.01

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