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New Castle, Chappaqua, and Millwood

The town of New Castle is comprised of 2 hamlets, Millwood and Chappaqua.  Being situated just nine miles north of the City of White Plains allows for a speedy 50-minute commute on Metro North to Manhattan's Grand Central Station.

Chappaqua is a tiny hamlet of just 3500 households, but is the better known of the two – these days, primarily as the NY address of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The hamlet has a well thought out master plan which has benefited both residents and businesses alike. Chappaqua grew from its beginnings as a Quaker farming community into a retreat for well-heeled New York bankers and lawyers looking for vast amounts of farmland for country estates. Among those who made Chappaqua their home were Billy Rose, the impresario and theatrical producer, A.H. Smith, president of the New York Central Railroad, and Horace Greeley, the influential editor of the New York Tribune.

Much of Chappaqua's rural beauty is still intact today, protected by rolling hills and strict environmental and architectural review. Much of the new housing is tucked into these hills, developments that newcomers find hard to spot.  Housing styles in both hamlets range from vintage and antique homes to condominium developments and contemporary masterpieces. 

Area amenities include swim and tennis clubs, golf courses, health clubs, two theater companies, a 102,000-book library, and a resident chamber orchestra. The New Castle recreation department provides numerous programs for residents from tots to seniors. An array of fashionable shops, low-key eateries, and village amenities line the streets of Chappaqua’s quaint downtown, while Millwood has its own two shopping districts.

The most advanced medical care can be found at Northern Westchester Hospital and the Westchester County Medical Center, both located nearby.  Easy access to New York City, upstate New York recreation areas, New England, Connecticut and New Jersey is available via railroad, bus or highways.

New Castle has managed to combine the warmth, charm and security of a small New England community with the convenience of being only 50 minutes from Broadway.

There are 3 homes in NEW CASTLE and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Chappaqua, Village of Ossining, Village of Armonk
Average Price: $2,090,300 (995,900-3,750,000)
Beds Per House: 4.67

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