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New Rochelle

New Rochelle, Westchester County's “Queen City on the Sound”, has much to offer its 73,000 residents. Within its 10.4 miles, there are magnificent waterfront properties, stately suburban homes on wide tree-lined streets, luxury condominiums and new high-rise apartments.  And, best of all, New Rochelle is located only 16 miles from midtown Manhattan, a mere 36-minute train ride to Grand Central Terminal from the convenient 5-story transportation hub.

Three of the Queen City's many parks front Long Island Sound, presenting pristine panoramas and excellent recreation along the city’s nine miles of shoreline. Glen Island Park offers picnicking, swimming, boating and fishing, as well as the landmark Glen Island Casino. This '30s mecca for big bands was the very spot where Glenn Miller put the country "In the Mood".  It has been renovated and is now the setting for many glamorous parties and events overlooking the water.

Lavish shore clubs dot the architecturally impressive Davenport Neck Peninsula. Echo Bay winds push sailboats and yachts from their 400 slips and 300 moorings. Boats from the public marina, the largest in Westchester, join vessels from a dozen New Rochelle yacht clubs, forming flotillas on the Sound.  The Colonial Greenway, a 15-mile scenic trailway available to hikers, runners and even horseback riders in certain sections, offers recreation of a different sort.

Iona College, the College of New Rochelle, and Monroe College are highly acclaimed academic institutions located in the city.  New Roc City, a downtown entertainment complex featuring a multiplex, shops and restaurants, was one of the first additions to a resurgent retail and dining scene.

New Rochelle's rich cultural heritage dating back to the mid-17th century Huegenots, its mix of urban and residential neighborhoods, innovative recreational programs, wealth of religious and educational institutions, and picturesque setting along Long Island Sound make it a most desirable community today.

There are 12 homes in NEW ROCHELLE and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Pelham, Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Bronxville, Village of Eastchester
Average Price: $1,184,042 (289,000-3,500,000)
Beds Per House: 3.67

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