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Pelham and Pelham Manor

If you are looking for an easy commute to New York City, charming and unique homes, an interesting and diverse population, and a traditional sense of community, Pelham is your answer!

The town of Pelham, which includes the Villages of Pelham and Pelham Manor, was founded in 1654 and is located on 1,568 acres or 2.45 square miles on Long Island Sound on the southernmost border of Westchester County. It is 28 minutes by Metro North trains to New York City, 20 minutes to LaGuardia Airport, 30 minutes to Kennedy International Airport, and a 17 mile drive to midtown Manhattan.

Cultural activities are readily available, with the Pelham Art Center as a focal point in the community. It offers gallery shows and lectures and a variety of art classes for children and adults. The Pelham Library provides a full range of services including a story hour for children. The Pelham Children’s Theater, Girl and Boy Scouts, the Pelham Larks, The Manor Club and year-round musical concerts are also important aspects of community life in Pelham. The Pelham Recreation Department and the Town offer over 70 programs each year for adults and children, including skiing, karate, ice skating, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, football and an outstanding soccer program. There is a very active Little League program and a popular summer day camp.

Pelham is one of Westchester’s oldest and most beautiful towns. It features enormous shade trees, established gardens, impressive older homes, and sidewalks that make it easy to walk everywhere. One of Pelham’s greatest assets is its “unique, varied and interesting” housing stock, from Victorian gingerbread and classic colonials to new wood ranches.  Because the same variety reflects the tastes of its' residents, the town tends to attract “unique, varied and interesting” people with a vitality of spirit that is unique in Westchester. Pelham also features one of the shortest commutes to New York City. The blend of cosmopolitan sophistication and the quiet charm of a small town have kept some families in Pelham for 3 to 4 generations, while it continues to attract new young residents.

There are 7 homes in PELHAM & PELHAM MANOR and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Pelham
Average Price: $574,214 (289,000-1,399,000)
Beds Per House: 3.14

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