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Pound Ridge

Pound Ridge is situated on the Connecticut border of Westchester County, approximately 45 miles northeast of New York City. Lushly wooded hills, rugged cliffs, meandering streams and old stone walls give way to architecture ranging from quaint colonials to magnificent contemporary homes.

Hiking and scenic beauty are plentiful at the Mianus River Gorge Preserve’s 88-acre expanse and at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, which occupies about one-fifth of the town’s 23 square miles.  Another 40 acres is dedicated to the Town Park’s swimming pools, tennis courts, ball fields, and picnic areas.

A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of community involvement, with programs at the Pound Ridge Museum and Hiram Halle Memorial Library attracting as many locals as visitors.  Local shopping in the hamlet of Scotts Corners includes its share of antique shops, quaint markets and restaurants.

Much of the appeal of Pound Ridge stems from the serenity and privacy it offers, attracting an array of celebrity artists, actors and musicians over the years.  To this day, the town is a haven for weekenders escaping the city or more urban suburbs.  Yet, with all its rural beauty, Pound Ridge remains within easy access of major shopping areas and transportation routes.

There are 88 homes in POUND RIDGE and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Wed, Feb 21st 3:00pm 60°
Wed, Feb 21st 6:00pm 67°
Wed, Feb 21st 9:00pm 70°
Thu, Feb 22nd 12:00am 65°
Thu, Feb 22nd 3:00am 58°
Thu, Feb 22nd 6:00am 51°
Thu, Feb 22nd 9:00am 46°
Thu, Feb 22nd 12:00pm 44°
Thu, Feb 22nd 3:00pm 41°
Thu, Feb 22nd 6:00pm 43°
Thu, Feb 22nd 9:00pm 40°
Fri, Feb 23rd 12:00am 37°
Fri, Feb 23rd 3:00am 36°
Fri, Feb 23rd 6:00am 35°
Fri, Feb 23rd 9:00am 35°
Fri, Feb 23rd 12:00pm 34°
Fri, Feb 23rd 3:00pm 35°
Fri, Feb 23rd 6:00pm 36°
Fri, Feb 23rd 9:00pm 36°
Sat, Feb 24th 12:00am 36°
Sat, Feb 24th 3:00am 37°
Sat, Feb 24th 6:00am 37°
Sat, Feb 24th 9:00am 39°
Sat, Feb 24th 12:00pm 42°
Sat, Feb 24th 3:00pm 51°
Sat, Feb 24th 6:00pm 54°
Sat, Feb 24th 9:00pm 53°
Sun, Feb 25th 12:00am 47°
Sun, Feb 25th 3:00am 44°
Sun, Feb 25th 6:00am 42°
Sun, Feb 25th 9:00am 41°
Sun, Feb 25th 12:00pm 38°
Sun, Feb 25th 3:00pm 39°
Sun, Feb 25th 6:00pm 41°
Sun, Feb 25th 9:00pm 43°
Mon, Feb 26th 12:00am 43°
Mon, Feb 26th 3:00am 37°
Mon, Feb 26th 6:00am 37°
Mon, Feb 26th 9:00am 37°
Mon, Feb 26th 12:00pm 35°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Pound Ridge, Village of Bedford, Village of Katonah, Village of New Canaan, Village of South Salem, Village of call Listing Agent
Average Price: $1,713,479 (410,000-12,000,000)
Beds Per House: 4.25

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