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Rye Town, Rye Neck, Rye Brook and Port Chester

The Town of Rye is located approximately 25 miles from New York City.  It includes the villages of Rye, Port Chester, and Rye Brook, and is surrrounded by Rye Neck and Harrison, as well as the Byram River and Long Island Sound, providing a picturesque panorama.  Several major highways make Rye easily accessible to Connecticut and all points north, as well as New York City, and "cross county."

The Village of Rye maintains the feel of a quaint New England town, while at the same time, offering everything to the resident in the way of modern amenities.  Its charming downtown is home to an eclectic mix of small shops, upscale eateries, as well as the Metro North station, providing convenient service for Manhattan commuters and weekend travelers.  Beautiful, residential neighborhoods blend with estates to make this area so attractive.


Port Chester started as a shipping village, becoming a factory town by the 1950’s.  It has recently seen a resurgence and has become known for its hub of ethnic eateries, specialty shops, and the recently developed Waterfront at Port Chester shopping and entertainment complex.

Rye Brook is home to two world-class hotels, Doral Arrowwood and the Hilton Rye Town, and some of the most prestigious office complexes in the county.  However, most of the village’s 3 ½ acres are residential neighborhoods interspersed with lakes, parks, country clubs and golf courses.

There are 8 homes in RYE TOWN, RYE NECK & RYE BROOK and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Sun, Dec 16th 9:00pm 40°
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Thu, Dec 20th 12:00am 32°
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Fri, Dec 21st 12:00am 39°
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Fri, Dec 21st 6:00pm 53°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Harrison, Village of Rye, Village of Port Chester, Village of Purchase
Average Price: $3,026,000 (629,000-5,999,999)
Beds Per House: 5.25

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