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Ossining, Briarcliff Manor, and Scarborough

Ossining encompasses the town and village of Ossining and the village of Briarcliff Manor.  A district within the village of Briarcliff Manor is Scarborough, which has been listed on the National Historic Register. The village has its own community pool, tennis courts, summer camp program, and an arrangement for residents to use permitted areas of the private Trump National Golf Club, located within its borders, off-season for activities such as ice skating, sledding, walking and cross-country skiing.  In season, this new addition to the area is drawing world-class golfers from near and far.

Two-thirds of the population resides in the village of Ossining, though it covers only one-quarter of the 12 square mile footprint of land.  The original Indian inhabitants named the area “Sint Sinck”, meaning “stone upon stone” because of the extensive limestone beds.  The name eventually evolved to Sing Sing, adopted by the area’s most well-known landmark, Sing Sing Prison.  In an effort to distance itself from the prison’s notorious reputation, the name was changed to Ossining in 1901.

Its location on the Hudson River shores has been conducive to Ossining becoming a boating town.  The Ossining Community Sailing Club and the Ossining Boat & Canoe Club, one private and one public, both work closely with the town to promote recreational sailing and boating along the riverfront.  A boat launch and several marinas provide water access, while a waterfront park with beach and picnic areas gives residents another means of connecting with the mighty Hudson.  Metro North commuter rail stations in Ossining and Scarborough Manor, stops along the Hudson line, offer a quick 45-minute commute to mid-town Manhattan.

Programs offered by the parks & recreation department, library, Arts Council and community center include things such as sports, trips, classes and workshops, exhibits, counseling and concerts.  Volunteerism is a vital part of the community spirit, with opportunities to get involved ranging from the fire department or ambulance corp. to the Historical Society Museum, and much in between. 

For over 25 years, the Ossining Village Fair has been the largest and most successful event in the community.  Each June, a host of vendors, including many local businesses and organizations, plenty of food purveyors, and a line-up of musical talent, come together to delight community residents and guests.

There are several shopping areas, including a crescent-shaped downtown district that boasts several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  A satellite campus for Westchester Community College recently was added at the Arcadian Shopping Center, along with its mix of shops and restaurants.

The more upscale residential environment of Briarcliff Manor offers primarily single-family homes, along with almost 180 acres of parkland.  Rich history, scenic river views and cozy, old-fashioned surroundings provide an unsurpassed setting.  There is a quaint, tree-lined downtown that maintains the flavor of the village’s historic heritage with brick sidewalks and period street lamps. 

There are 13 homes in SCARBOROUGH and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Briarcliff Manor, Village of Ossining
Average Price: $1,489,170 (262,222-2,995,000)
Beds Per House: 3.85

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