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Scarsdale and Edgemont

A quiet village of spacious Tudor and Colonial style houses mixed with post-war modern and contemporary homes, Scarsdale is a community of about 19,000. Made up almost entirely of single-family houses with a smattering of apartments, it occupies 6.4 square miles and is located 24 miles north of mid-town Manhattan. It is a 33-minute commute into the city on the Metro North train, and is easily accessible to the Hutchinson and Bronx River Parkways.  The more recently constructed Christie Place condominium complex designed for residents age 55 and older offers a low-maintenance option right in the village.

Scarsdale is served by its own police and fire departments and has two main shopping areas: the business district near the train station, and "The Five Corners" intersection further east.  The downtown’s charm and character is defined by its Tudor-style buildings, cobblestone streets and upscale mix of shops.  Branches of major department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom's can be found in the nearby communities of Eastchester and White Plains. Residents can join the community pool, make use of 26 tennis courts, and enjoy over 150 acres of parkland.  Scarsdale also boasts 2 golf courses and an equestrian center.  Summer sidewalk sales and outdoor concerts at Chase Park in the heart of the village, as well as holiday parades, school fairs and neighborhood celebrations all add to the fabric of village life.
A section of the town of Greenburgh, Edgemont shares a Scarsdale post office address, except for a small section that has a Hartsdale address. Most of Edgemont's 8,000-plus population enjoys the rolling landscape and large Tudor and Colonial homes of the community, and there is also an abundance of co-ops and condominiums on Central Park Avenue.  Neighborhoods are defined by the boundaries of the Edgemont elementary schools-- Seely Place and Greenville.

Occupying 2.76 square miles between the Sprain Brook Parkway to the west and the Bronx River Parkway to the east, Edgemont is 25 miles from midtown Manhattan. Metro North commuters share the Scarsdale and Hartsdale stations and the 33-minute trip to New York City.

The Greenburgh Nature Center and the town-owned Preserve offer hiking trails, a pond, orchard, zoo and greenhouse. The sports facilities include 18 lit tennis courts and a fine pool complex. The Greenburgh Recreational Department runs a summer day camp as well as a wide range of intramural activities that are available to Edgemont residents.

There are 127 homes in SCARSDALE and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Scarsdale, Village of Hartsdale, Village of White Plains, Village of Harrison
Average Price: $1,913,781 (475,000-8,600,000)
Beds Per House: 4.69

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