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Located on the east bank of the Hudson River, at the entrance to the Tappan Zee Bridge, about 25 miles north of New York City, the historic village of Tarrytown offers spectacular Hudson River views, attractive housing, and a variety of diverse businesses.  The area offers a high quality of life with convenient commuting to Manhattan, White Plains, and New Jersey.
Tarrytown is a lively major hub of activity in central Westchester County. It features small specialty stores, boutiques, galleries and many gourmet ethnic restaurants that reflect the tastes of a cultured population.  Antiques shops on every village street are popular with serious collectors and browsers alike. The Tarrytown Music Hall, Washington Irving’s “Sunnyside” home, and the extravagant “Castle on the Hudson” restaurant and hotel draw many visitors as well. Opulent mansions, Victorian houses and grand historic estates dot the famous Hudson Valley landscape. These homes of the landed gentry, as well as the bountiful Hudson River, are the pride of the Tarrytown citizens!

The area’s numerous parks, hiking trails, nature preserves, lakes, rivers and streams provide sport enthusiasts of all types with a true paradise for year-round outdoor fun! As it has for centuries, the scenic beauty of this area continues to inspire artists, writers, musicians and nature lovers as they enjoy sharing life in a very special community.

There are 4 homes in TARRYTOWN and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Sun, Dec 16th 9:00pm 40°
Mon, Dec 17th 12:00am 40°
Mon, Dec 17th 3:00am 40°
Mon, Dec 17th 6:00am 39°
Mon, Dec 17th 9:00am 38°
Mon, Dec 17th 12:00pm 37°
Mon, Dec 17th 3:00pm 39°
Mon, Dec 17th 6:00pm 43°
Mon, Dec 17th 9:00pm 41°
Tue, Dec 18th 12:00am 38°
Tue, Dec 18th 3:00am 36°
Tue, Dec 18th 6:00am 35°
Tue, Dec 18th 9:00am 32°
Tue, Dec 18th 12:00pm 31°
Tue, Dec 18th 3:00pm 33°
Tue, Dec 18th 6:00pm 36°
Tue, Dec 18th 9:00pm 36°
Wed, Dec 19th 12:00am 33°
Wed, Dec 19th 3:00am 29°
Wed, Dec 19th 6:00am 27°
Wed, Dec 19th 9:00am 25°
Wed, Dec 19th 12:00pm 24°
Wed, Dec 19th 3:00pm 30°
Wed, Dec 19th 6:00pm 35°
Wed, Dec 19th 9:00pm 36°
Thu, Dec 20th 12:00am 32°
Thu, Dec 20th 3:00am 31°
Thu, Dec 20th 6:00am 31°
Thu, Dec 20th 9:00am 30°
Thu, Dec 20th 12:00pm 29°
Thu, Dec 20th 3:00pm 38°
Thu, Dec 20th 6:00pm 43°
Thu, Dec 20th 9:00pm 42°
Fri, Dec 21st 12:00am 39°
Fri, Dec 21st 3:00am 41°
Fri, Dec 21st 6:00am 44°
Fri, Dec 21st 9:00am 46°
Fri, Dec 21st 12:00pm 49°
Fri, Dec 21st 3:00pm 54°
Fri, Dec 21st 6:00pm 53°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Nyack, Village of Piermont, Village of Irvington
Average Price: $1,517,475 (749,900-3,475,000)
Beds Per House: 4

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